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First ‘Metro: Last Light’ DLC Coming Next Week



The ‘Faction Pack’, the first add-on for Metro: Last Light is just around the corner. For $4.99/£3.99/400 MSP, you can get three brand new single-player missions that each follows a different character. You’ll play as a sniper trying to infiltrate a Reich outpost, a Reich ‘Heavy’ defending the Frontline, and a Polis Ranger trainee.

This DLC will eventually be followed by three more add-ons. The ‘Tower Pack’ brings a new survival challenge mode, the ‘Developer Pack’ adds a shooting gallery, AI Arena and Metro Museum, as well as a new single-player mission called the Spider’s Nest (Ick), and finally, the ‘Chronicles Pack’, which brings with it three more solo missions to play through. Screens after the jump.

The ‘Faction Pack’ will be available on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on July 16th in the States, July 17th everywhere else.

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