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Review: ‘Ghosted’ #3



Anchored by great artistic vision from Goran Sudzuka, Joshua Williamson’s dark and mysterious “Ghosted” #3 is a refreshing read, and easily the most interesting installment of the series so far. Sold as a crime-horror title, the book, in actuality, dabbles in multiple genres, mixing crime with heist and supernatural-horror. All are presented with a knowing ominousness that, by the issue’s end, will have you eagerly anticipating what’s to come.

WRITTEN BY: Joshua Williamson
ART BY: Goran Sudzuka
PUBLISHER: Image Comics / Skybound Comics
PRICE: $2.99
RELEASE: September 11th, 2013

It was announced last month that “Ghosted” has moved from mini-series to on-going, leading to the assumption that the narrative will most likely progress at a slow and casual pace. But this installment is unexpectedly generous in terms of plot development and Trask Mansion spirit/character interactions; deadly or otherwise. Regarding character development, readers have a basic understanding of who each individual character is, and their roles within the team, but Williamson has yet to delve deep into anyone’s pasts or personalities just yet. He makes a point to explore Jackson Winters’ last botched job a bit more, revealing that something sinister was probably at play.

In “Ghosted” #3, the story begins with the final panel, where Jackson is caught in an extremely dangerous situation at the Trask Mansion, then takes readers back through the events leading up to his predicament. Starting where the second issue leaves off, Jackson and his team of paranormal experts continue planning for the ghost heist at the mansion, but they’re missing an important item that Edzia Rusnak needs in order to detect ghosts and spirits. Unfortunately, this item — a mask which belonged to a voodoo priest — is one of Markus Schrecken’s collected supernatural artifacts. After acquiring the mask under deceitful circumstances, Jackson and his team head back to the haunted mansion where Williamson introduces two new characters.

Goran Sudzuka continues to dish out impressive illustrations of the characters and their surroundings — namely the architectural aspects of the Trask Mansion — which are brought to life through Miroslav Mrva’s dusky colour palette. He doesn’t make any inspired choices when it comes to panel layouts, but there’s a particular page which stands out amongst the rest, for his panel work, overall design, and horrific imagery of death and murder. The sheer terror Sudzuka depicts on Jackson’s face is perfect, and his style when it comes to rendering shadows is excessive and distinguished. His take on particular ghosts and spirits is still something I haven’t taken to, yet. Hopefully that changes in the future.

There’s some great character dynamics and interaction between Edzia Rusnak, Oliver King, and Anderson Lake in this installment. Rusnak’s eccentric medium nature, next to King’s stubborn skepticism, and Lake’s no bullshit attitude, makes for some funny and engaging dialogue and scenes. Hopefully Williamson provides these members with more characterization and backstory soon, because I’m sold on them.

He and Sudzuka have a knack for ending each issue on an extremely high note and “Ghosted” #3 is no different. The last 7 pages steal the show with an increased focus on horror, something that’s been in the undertone of the series until now. Williamson sets up a crazy cliffhanger ending that will, again, solidify most readers’ interest.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – ShadowJayd