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‘The Conjuring’s’ John R. Leonetti Is Heading To Darko’s “Nowheresville”



John Darko, behind the upcoming adaptation of Zombies Ate My Neighbors, has developed and scripted “Nowheresville,” a new horror/thriller television series, with newcomer Anthony Cincotta.

And it seems like the show is off to a great start seeing that the person responsible for visualizing and framing the scares in recent hits The Conjuring and Insidious Chapter 2 is also behind the project. John R. Leonetti, who is more known for his extensive camera work, will be stepping onto the project as series’ director. It is also known that Darko and Leonetti will share directorial duties for the show’s pilot.

Leonetti is producing the series along side Darko, and Waterstone Entertainment’s Jeff Kalligheri (producer of The Letter starring James Franco, Wynona Rider). The project is currently in development for cable television, so we should be hearing more news regarding cast, and network soon.

“‘Nowheresville’ takes place in the not too distant future. And centers around two brothers who firmly believe that the “2012 predicted Mayan apocalypse” actually happened and wiped out most of the world. This is due to the fact that they were both raised on a farm by a religiously insane father who kept them away from the evils of society. A documentary crew is sent to examine their lives, and we immediately uncover some hidden secrets about their land.

We have a teaser poster below, along with an exclusive song from the series’ soundtrack which is also free to download. Greg M. Johnson of the rock band On Being Human has been chosen to compose for “Nowheresville.”

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