[Halloween Treat] Lee Hardcastle's "Ghost Burger," His Claymation Sequel to His 'ABCs of Death' Short! - Bloody Disgusting
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[Halloween Treat] Lee Hardcastle’s “Ghost Burger,” His Claymation Sequel to His ‘ABCs of Death’ Short!



YouTube claymation maestro Lee Hardcastle has a very special Halloween treat for his fans, and those who enjoyed his ABCs of Death short, “T is for Toilet”.

Behold “Ghost Burger”, 23-minutes of claymation madness that takes place 12 years after the “accident” in “T is for Toilet”. In it,two kids go hunting for ghosts to help their dad run a burger cafe.

Score by Dave Andrews, starring Dominic Brunt, Tim Atkins, Ant Hardcastle, Nacho Vigalondo, Crabstickz, and Kill The Noise.

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