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‘Blair Witch Project’ Director/Star Spoof Their Own Movie In “Four Corners of Fear”!!



Bloody Disgusting has first word and the exclusive trailer premiere for a new webseries that’s going to knock your socks off!

From The Blair Witch Project co-director Eduardo Sanchez comes “Four Corners of Fear,” a spoof of his own movie that features returning stars Joshua Leonard and Michael Williams, with Evan Ferrante.

Sanchez also makes an appearance along with Daniel Karcher, Gregg Hale and his Blair Witch co-director Daniel Myrick!

It’s a hilarious reunion you’re not going to want to miss!

So what’s it about? “In 1995, declared inactive and unsolved, authorities called off all attempts to find the three missing students in the Black Hills of Maryland. Eighteen years later, more footage was found…

Michael C. Williams, Evan Ferrante, Daniel Karcher, Eduardo Sanchez & Joshua Leonard all collaborated on this gem.

Below is both the trailer and a letter from Williams explaining the genesis of “Four Corners of Fear”.

To all of the many fans of ‘The Blair Witch Project’,

I’ve had the absolute pleasure, over the years, to meet so many fans of this tiny little film gone haywire. I’ve always enjoyed the stories you’ve shared from “I saw it when I was 15 and it totally changed my view of filmmaking”, to, “I thought it was real”, to “I can’t camp anymore”, to, “I hate you and your stupid movie”. I’ve certainly heard it all and can appreciate all of the sentiment, good or bad, that the film has impressed upon you.

For years after the film debuted in that hazy summer of 1999, and even to this day, the film is spoofed, made fun of, quoted, what have you. It shows up in newspaper articles, television shows, films, and, of course, on the web. It most certainly has its own “corner” of pop-culture, if you will.

So here I am, somewhere back in 2007 or so, standing on the back balcony outside of a theatre where I am working with a new friend and fellow actor, Evan Ferrante. I’m talking BWP with Evan, you know, “What was it like? How did you shoot it? Do you still talk to Josh and Heather? What the hell happened to your career, you big dummy?” and all those sorts of questions.

Soon enough we get to speaking about all of those ‘BWP’ spoofs and I tell Evan that I have always thought that it would be funniest to spoof BWP myself, or, as it turns out, ourselves. Luckily enough, Evan had some ideas too.

So here it is, years later, for reasons no one really cares about so I will not get into it except to say that everyone involved jumped in feet first with this idea and I can’t thank them all enough.

I certainly hope that you all can enjoy this.

This one’s for you.


Mike Williams aka “Mike” aka “The map guy” aka “The guy in the corner”

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