Review: 'Saga' #15 - Bloody Disgusting
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Review: ‘Saga’ #15



One of the most intriguing and raw comic books on the market is back this week with its 15th issue. “Saga” has all the qualities that could make it one of the all-time great books of our time. The past few issues slowed down a bit, giving us insight into the characters thoughts. but this book really pushes the pace. Brian K. Vaughan continues to build his world up as he introduces new characters to the mix, and Fiona Staples rocks the art as per usual.

WRITTEN BY: Brian K. Vaughan
ART BY: Fiona Staples
PUBSLISHER: Image Comics
RELEASE DATE: October 30th, 2013
PRICE: $2.99

Over the course of this most recent arc, the addition of the paparazzi has brought an interesting twist to the story as they continue to ask questions about the disappearance of Alana. Since both parties are trying to keep this under wraps, it seems that this aspect of the story will have a large impact. Hazel and the gang are currently seeking refuge, but now time is running short for them and they need to begin to take action or risk being caught. Probably the most crucial, most interesting at least, story line in this book is that of The Will, having been battling inner demons of his own while deciding whether he should quit the bounty business it seems he’s come to a decision. As this issue closes out there is a massive twist that leaves us hanging on until next month.

BKV continues to amaze me. From story points to dialogue, there are constant fresh ideas that continuously evolve the book. Some of my most favorite parts of “Saga” are come from his witty dialogue between characters. The candid nature in which the characters act is strikingly real.

With each review of Image’s “Saga” comes my praise of Fiona Staples’ incredible art, both stylistically in the illustrations and the way the colour is splashed onto the page. Famous for her ability two push the envelope, this issue holds a couple gems that might make some squirm.

This story is on an upward trend as the many plot lines are being slowly weaved together.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – GreenBastard