[TV] Next On "American Horror Story: Coven": Images From “The Axeman Cometh” - Bloody Disgusting
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[TV] Next On “American Horror Story: Coven”: Images From “The Axeman Cometh”



Wednesday night I went on a brief rant about how “American Horror Story: Coven” managed to bring more emotion to the zombie subgenre in a single episode than AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has over the course of four seasons. It’s pretty simple, actually, and it blows my mind that the “Walking Dead” writers haven’t figured this out yet.

Anyways, “Coven” is blowing my mind, and is easily the best season of “AHS” to date. In addition to the promo, we now have several new images for next week’s “The Axeman Cometh”, which will air Nov. 13 at 10 p.m. EST on FX. In it, “Zoe, Queenie, and Nan make contact with a dark spirit trapped in the Academy. Cordelia’s new power brings on a heartbreaking revelation.” Watch the promo below.

Michael Uppendahl directed the episode.


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