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Blast Away The Undead Hordes As Mega Man In ‘Dead Rising 3’



Capcom is really going above and beyond with the level of goofy in Dead Rising 3. On the surface, it looks like it takes itself more seriously than the previous games in the series did, but that’s just a facade. This game is just oozes silly and, in case that’s not a selling point for you, it’s also bigger, better and more over-the-top. As far as an Xbox Launch title goes, I have high hopes for this one.

This series has always had an impressive collection of costumes to choose from before you embark to work toward zombie genocide. If you like dressing up, Dead Rising 3 isn’t likely to disappoint. A new costume was recently unveiled that unlocks after you collect each piece in the set.

The Mega Man X outfit, a bubbly white armored suit that looks glorious in HD, comes equipped with a fully functional X Blaster that you can get trigger happy with or you can be a little more conservative by charging the blasts for way more damage (and fun). See it in action below!

Dead Rising 3 arrives exclusively on the Xbox One on November 22nd.

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