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A Ghostly Image Goes Viral On Friday the 13th



It’s Friday the 13th, so why not celebrate with a creepy ghost story, one that happened in real life to British model Peaches Geldof.

The insanity started three days ago when she shared this close-up photo on Instagram with the following story: “Close up shot of the mystery ghost hand in pic I took of Astala and me In the bath!! And no that isn’t my hand- one of mine was round his waist to hold him during the photo, the other holding the camera to take the shot,” she revealed. “Also the hand is around my shoulder so totally weird angle if I did it myself!! How terrifying!! I am shitting myself! #haunted #ghost” She also shared the original photo before doing some further digging into her property.

The Daily Mail reported that Geldof – who lives in the property in Kent, South East England, with her husband Thomas Cohen, Astala, and their other son, eight-month-old Phaedra – said: “The house was built in the 1920s by a rich man and his pregnant wife. However, his wife had a stillborn baby and was so grief-stricken she went mad. She apparently drowned herself in the bath.

She added: “The presence I feel isn’t malignant or angry, rather maternal and friendly – the house has a lovely atmosphere. Maybe she’s just making her presence known because she loves having babies around?

Below are the images, as well as a video tour of her haunted house.