Review: 'Saga' #17 - Bloody Disgusting
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Review: ‘Saga’ #17



the holiday spirit is running rampant. There’s a shit load of snow on the ground (at least where I am) and everyone is outside spreading good cheer. Except me, I’m locked away in my basement gorging myself on the buffet of comics being released this time of here. My most anticipated holiday release chose to drop this week to drop, and “Saga” is an early Christmas gift indeed.

WRITTEN BY: Brian K. Vaughan
ART BY: Fiona Staples
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
RELEASE DATE: December 18
PRICE: 2.99

Since the previous story arc came to a close in climactic fashion this issue has been a slow build over the last few months. So many story lines have locked into place, the stars have aligned, and finally Prince Robot and Heist have their confrontation. This issue surpasses expectations in more ways than one. So much action, intrigue, and surprise. “Saga” is the gift that keeps on giving.

BKV is able to weave magic with this issue. The Will is on his death bed, Gwendolyn is either trying to save him or use this as a final means to get back at her ex, Marko. Marko, Alana, Hazel and Klara lay in wait to see what comes from the Prince’s visit. As events unfold it becomes clear that however the situation is resolved, all the players will come out of this forever changed.

Staples’ art is orgasmic. Vivid yet soft, realistic yet fantastic, and best of all is her ability to infuse the art with the emotion of the story. In this issue there isn’t anything overtly spectacular in terms of massive monsters, but Staples doesn’t need big fantastic creatures to showcase her talent. Sometimes it takes nothing more than a facial expression to make you take a step back and say, “Wow”.

There’s no doubt that “Saga” has hit its climax, but I can’t wait to witness the fallout in the new year.

4.5/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – GreenBasterd