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My 5 Most Anticipated Horror Movies Of 2014!!



I didn’t realize what a great year for horror this was until I was compiling my “best of” list for this year (look for that next week). Back in 2012 I don’t even think I had enough movies I liked enough to make a list that was more than eight entries long, but this year I have a ton of stuff on there and it was a real battle to decide what made the cut and what would fall into my runner-up column.

So I’m optimistic that 2014 will carry some or that momentum and be a great year in its own right, and I kind of wanted to share that optimism (however fleeting) with you guys today. I’m leaving off Cheap Thrills because I’ve already seen it, but that should definitely be on your calendar if you haven’t. It’s fantastic.

I’m aware that the list trends a bit mainstream, but the fact of the matter is the tiny indies who may up really knocking me out next year simply don’t have the PR machine rolling yet. The Maniac remake came out of nowhere this year (I mean, I was aware it was being made but assumed it was doing to suck – it didn’t) so there’s a strong chance something similar will happen in the next 12 months.

With that in mind, head below for my 5 Most Anticipated Horror Movies Of 2014!!!.

The Guest

Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett took a huge stylistic and tonal turn from the underrated A Horrible Way To Die with You’re Next. While some filmmakers are able to keep revisiting similar approaches and themes from different angles, I always appreciate ones like the Coen Brothers that reinvent themselves each time out. Obviously Wingard and Barrett haven’t hit those heights yet, but it’s a nice thing these days to be excited about somebody’s work because you know it won’t be what you’re expecting. I have no idea what to make of The Guest aside from the fact that Dan Stevens seems to have pretty much transformed after that final season of “Downton Abbey.” And that’s the way I like it.

The Green Inferno

A lot of folks I know love this movie, and a lot of them don’t. Still, I always thought Roth’s directing game was on an upward trajectory (Hostel 2 being better than the first etc…) before he took a break to focus on acting and producing. I’m excited that he’s back in the fold, even if cannibal movies aren’t really my favorite sub-genre. Here’s hoping he makes it fun.

The Raid 2: Berandal

Instead of fighting with you guys about this in the comments I’ll acknowledge that The Raid 2 isn’t “technically horror.” So what? It’s guaranteed to have more carnage than practically any other genre film this year. At 148 minutes after over 100 days of shooting, I’m expecting nothing else than utter elation when I finally see what Gareth Evans has been sweating out in Indonesia over the past 12 months.

The Town That Dreaded Sundown

I’m intrigued by the concept of this film, which takes place in a world where Charles Pierce’s original 1976 film exists and is tied into the narrative of its own remake. It could be good, it could be awful. This also is the first collaboration between producers Jason Blum and Ryan Murphy, which makes me even more curious. I love Murphy’s go for broke attitude with “American Horror Story” even though I’m pretty sure that approach is responsible for the current season’s slow trajectory from a stellar and insane pilot to stallsville. But focussing his brand of insanity (which I hear is quite present in this film) into a concise 90 minute movie has me excited.


I know next to nothing about Faults except that I’m a fan of director Riley Stearns’ shorts “The Cub” and “Magnificat”. They’re completely different from each other and they’re both great for entirely different reasons. I’ve heard good things about the script and I’m excited to see Mary Elizabeth Winstead in another starring role after crushing it in Smashed.