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5 Oddly Romantic Horror Movies!!!



Yesterday we brought you 5 Horror Movies To Avoid On Valentine’s Day so today I thought I’d at least make some kind of effort to present the other side of the coin. You know… some movies you can share with that special someone.

The thing is, horror doesn’t always do romance “straight up.” Sometimes we get perverse takes on undying love, stuff that isn’t quite right… or legal. But the heart want what the heart wants, does it not?

Head below for 5 Oddly Romantic Horror Movies!!!

Warm Bodies

Director Jonathan Levine’s adaptation of Isaac Marion’s (somewhat more morose) novel might be the most conventionally romantic film on this list. Yes, “R” is a zombie who eats the brains of Julie’s boyfriend, Perry. As he continues to snack on those brains (he keeps leftovers in his pocket) he absorbs Perry’s memories and love for Julie until he finally falls in love with her himself. The movie references “Romeo & Juliet” just as much as any Romero film, which makes it sort of an ideal entry here.

An American Werewolf In London

It’s rare for a horror romance to run as brightly and briefly as the doomed courtship between Nurse Alex Price and wounded American boy David Kessler. She falls for him while feeding him (and attempting to read him “A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court” – even though that’s a dream). Eventually, she takes him home. Not five minutes after walking in the door, they embark on one of the steamiest nurse/patient affairs in legit cinema. Too bad she’s forced to watch him die a few nights later.

Near Dark

Even though Mae initially has Caleb earmarked for dinner, not romance, she changes her mind pretty quickly (though I’m not sure why – Caleb falls a bit on the rapey side of things with his whole “you have to kiss me before I take you home” schtick). But once her adoptive vampire clan is toast and her blood has been transfused… it’s on! Knowing Caleb, they’re probably gonna get married right away. Welcome to farm life, Mae!

Fright Night (1985)

Give this to Charlie Brewster, he goes through hell and high water to make sure his beloved Amy escapes the clutches (and the loins) of evil vampire Jerry Dandridge. He’s even willing to make it work after she turns toothy and tries to kill him. But Amy’s a keeper! She’s the only high school student in America that refers to having sex as “making love.” As they say on the funeral episode of Party Down, “that’s a crockpot.”

A Horrible Way To Die

No, I’m not talking about the ineffectual (okay, slightly effectual) seduction game Joe Swanberg’s Kevin runs on Amy Seimetz’s wounded and vulnerable Sarah. I’m talking about the last 5 minutes of the film when the tides turn and we find out the real reason AJ Bowen’s Garrick Turrell is hunting down the girlfriend who once put him away for life. This is probably the least viewed film on this list, so I won’t say anymore. Just pop this in on Valentine’s Day and thank me later.