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[DVD Review] Reflect On Your Sins With ‘Holy Ghost People’



Horror comes in many forms in real life. Be it monstrous acts of humans, mother nature, or just the simple concept of one’s own guilt, there is no denying that the genre exists in some way for all of us. Holy Ghost People isn’t a horror film in the classic sense. It relies on moral values in regard to religion, and the idea of sin, to induce its thrills.

In the case of Charlotte, a barmaid, the guilt over her former drug addict sister’s disappearance has her on a mission to save her. The problem lies in that her sister, Liz, has been saved – by the Church of One Accord. Run by a man named Billy, Charlotte makes her way to find Liz with the aid of bar regular Wayne, who is fighting demons of his own. The two think infiltrating the cult like compound will be an easy in and out mission, but they end up being brainwashed in their own ways by the congregation as their own faults are revealed.

Holy Ghost People works on a deep level. If one thinks about their own life too much, the minor “sins” they have committed can become uncontrollably heavy on the heart. This is definitely an area where religion is effective. Desperation can evolve one’s thinking to the point that salvation is only found in the form of a spiritual journey. While that’s not a slasher with a knife, it can definitely inflict fear and severe wounds if someone doesn’t keep with reality and just how human beings exist. We are monsters, plain and simple, and we do things we just have to live with. Chanting a prayer may be comforting, but in the end, as the movie shows, we just have to keep truckin’.

The Holy Ghost People DVD has a bunch of deleted scenes that weren’t really necessary to begin with. The film itself is where the buy value is. If you can think deeply and reflect on your own misconduct in life while watching a movie, you may just enjoy it.


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