Twisted Music Video Of The Week Vol. 128: JP From The HP "John Panich Is Dead" - Bloody Disgusting
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Twisted Music Video Of The Week Vol. 128: JP From The HP “John Panich Is Dead”



It’s Friday and I was recommended a video that I just couldn’t pass up! Now, normally for the Twisted Music Video Of The Week, I tend to fall on rock or metal videos. However, this week we dive into some hip hop courtesy of JP From The HP and his video for “Joe Panich Is Dead”. The video follows the last hours of Panich’s life and the first few hours of his death utilizing some truly strange and inventive visuals, courtesy of director Colin Duerr. I’d tell you more but I think that’d be taking away from the video. Head on down and enjoy!

The song comes from the awesomely named album My Asteroid Wants To Kill Your Planet.

“John Panich Is Dead” portrays Panich in his final hours on Earth and his first hours in a hallucinogenic afterlife, juxtaposed with visions of his Mother’s depression regarding his death and the intrigue his corpse has on a troubled Female Mortician. It accomplishes a short story as well as an abstract dissection of the mystery of death and our place in the cosmos; it’s horror and it’s hope.

Duerr, who helmed the acclaimed video for Passalacqua’s “Sirens”, returns with his eccentric hand-made style, having built sets, costumes and props for the video along with editing and directing. Panich stars as himself and also produced and performed the track from his album, “My Asteroid Wants To Kill Your Planet”.

The piece will also feature the talents and faces of some of Detroit’s most talented artists such as Joe Average (Of Mice And Musicians), Jimmy Doom (Almighty Lumberjacks Of Death), with dance choreography contributed by Tunde Olaniran and guitar playing by Dave Taylor (The Amino Acids).


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