[ECCC '14] Skybound Takes Flight Panel - Bloody Disgusting
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[ECCC ’14] Skybound Takes Flight Panel



Robert Kirkman’s Skybound label of Image comics held a panel this morning at ECCC ’14 that featured some of thier hottest talent, Joshua Williamson, Joe Keatinge, and Paul Azaceta. They covered upcoming announcements for books like “Techjacket,” “Ghosted,” and the much anticipated horror possession series, “Outcast.” They also debuted the poster for the first Skybound film production, Air. Hit the jump for all of the news.

Things kicked off with some news about Kirkman’s own “The Walking Dead.” All out War will be ending in a month. Everything on the cover to the last chapter actually happens. After All Out War, there is “A New Beginning” with issue 127. A new female lead on the cover, she seems heavily featured in the covers up until 130. Issue 127 is double sized. They commented on the speculation about who everyone is, and where the regular cast is, but refused to shed any light on the ideas.

Outcast brings the end of life, as we know it. This is Azaceta’s first ongoing book and first dive into horror. The look develops along the way. It’s a different type of horror from The Walking Dead. The book will be less in your face, and more moody and atmospheric. Yet, there is still a promise of blood and gore.

Techjacket digital was a resounding success bringing back the character of Zach Thomson. Originally Kirkman wrote Techjacket as a precursor to Invincible. The digital series took off with a binge reading experience written by Joe Keatinge. So, July launches new Techjacket ongoing. The panel was greeted with a special message from the artist Khary Randolph. The series has a huge manga influence; the approach is all about catching up to Zach’s situation. Keatinge wants to put the series into a larger world with manga influenced cosmic, interstaller story that spirals of control. The series hits July 2nd.

Ghosted was announced at ECCC 2013. Issue nine comes out next month. Williamson talks about the second arc. Series protagonist, Jackson is trying to rescue a girl from the brotherhood of the closed book. He thinks they are kidnapping possessed women. When he finds the girls, they aren’t prisoners, they’re princesses. When their possession starts to reveal itself, they are forced to write demonic books of the dead. The bloodcrow cover for #10 was shown. Something horrible happens in issue 10, and in 11-15 Dan Pinogio will take covers, Jackson is fucked. Issue 11 is a flashback where Anderson goes undercover with a biker gang and sees Goran coming back, in July.

Manifest Destiny real life expedition of Louis and Clark killing monsters to clear for the expedition. The sales are climbing, and haven’t stopped. Keeping awesome momentum. Arc two is about taking on river monsters, taking on the big myths and making them horrifying.

They briefly spoke about AIR, the first Skybound film production with Sony. Norman Reedus and Djimon Hounsou star, and is executive produced by Robert Kirkman. Not much else was revealed, but the all black poster with a title treatment.


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