Stuart Gordon's New Play "Taste" Is Stomach Churning and Touching and Playing In Los Angeles! - Bloody Disgusting
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Stuart Gordon’s New Play “Taste” Is Stomach Churning and Touching and Playing In Los Angeles!



Last Friday some friends and I headed out to the Sacred Fools theater a few blocks east of Hollywood to check out Stuart Gordon‘s new play Taste. If you’re a fan of his work in films like Re-Animator or From Beyond, you’ll find that the same sense of subversion and uncensored While the show was still in previews (this was actually the first preview performance), it felt remarkably polished. While the version you see might be tweaked here and there from the performance I took in, I have no pause whatsoever in recommending it to horror fans (or theater fans in general).

The script by Benjamin Brand takes the real life tale of two men who arrange to meet under the condition that one will eat the other and spins it into something that, at times, is remarkably poignant. The times when it’s not so poignant are tense, bloody and fairly wrenching — all highly recommended sensations. The two leads, Donal Thoms-Cappello and Chris L. McKenna, didn’t miss a beat during the previews so I imagine they’ll only be more impressive during the official run of the piece.

So if you’re looking for a little culture, you could do a lot worse than checking out this gory good time. It runs until May 17th and tickets are available here. Just eat before you go.