Telltale's 'The Walking Dead' Episode 3 Gets a Trailer, Release Dates - Bloody Disgusting
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Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 3 Gets a Trailer, Release Dates



Telltale has released a new trailer for the third episode of The Walking Dead: The Game, in which Clem and friends find themselves under new leadership and Kenny does something with a crowbar. Not sure what, but I’m positive it’s going to be terrible. The episode is titled In Harm’s Way for a reason, and that reason is readily apparent in this trailer.

In Harm’s Way arrives on PC, Mac, and PS3 (NA) on May 13; Xbox 360 and PS3 (Europe) on May 14; and iPhone and iPad on May 15.

If you missed our reviews of the first two episodes in this season, you can get caught up here (episode 1) and here (episode 2).


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