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‘Night Of The Demons’ And ‘Witchboard’ Coming To Vinyl This Year



Player Two has entered the game! A new indie record label by the name of Lunaris Records has sprouted up and is already making waves by announcing the vinyl, CD, and cassette release of Night Of The Demons as well as a limited edition 7″ for Witchboard.

This news came from director Kevin Tenney’s Facebook page, which stated:

Hey, boys and girls. I can finally announce that Lunaris Records will be putting out a soundtrack CD of NIGHT OF THE DEMONS later this year, as well as good ol’ fashioned vinyl LPs and audio cassettes. In the meantime, they will be selling promo posters, Tee shirts, and post cards at Days Of The Dead Indy this weekend, as well as a special limited edition test pressing of the Witchboard soundtrack on a 7″ vinyl record, which has the opening theme and the end credit song on the A side, and a Witchboard design etched in the B side. What more could any horror fan want?

Lunaris will also be releasing the soundtrack to Street Trash. More information will be posted once it is announced.

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