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We’re Pretty Sure Johnny Depp Is In Kevin Smith’s ‘Tusk’… (Exclusive)



Johnny Depp

Back in April a few internet detectives were convinced that Johnny Depp was starring in Kevin Smith’s Tusk, which will have its World Premiere in the Midnight Madness portion of the Toronto International Film Festival.

Well, an unconfirmed source has reinvigorated this hot rumor to us Thursday morning. The e-mail, which came from a regular anonymous tipster (they use the same fake e-mail address each time) – one that has been correct many times in the past – tells us that Depp is definitely playing a character named ‘Guy Lapointe’.

In Tusk, Justin Long plays a man who is surgically turned into a walrus by a mysterious seafarer (Michael Parks).

In a very Van Helsing-like character, Lapointe is described to us as an eccentric French Canadian detective who’s been hunting Howard Howe (played by Parks) for over a decade. He recounts gruesome details from previous cases – Howe’s victims were found with legs amputated and arms sewn back on, tongues hacked off, etc.

Lapointe, who called himself “Monsieur Lapointe”, is employed by Teddy (Haley Joel Osment) and Allison (Genesis Rodriguez) to help find Wallace (Long).

The coolest bit on info is that Depp “has thick accent” and is allegedly “barely recognizable” in the role.

An interesting bit of information they added was that Smith had originally reached out to Quentin Tarantino for the role.

We haven’t been able to confirm this as our sources close to the project continually reject this story – still, I believe our regular tipster in this case and think everyone’s in for a massive surprise this coming September.

A24, who has been on fire as of late, is releasing The Human Centipede-inspired horror in theaters September 19, 2014.


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