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Review: “Wayward” #1



An enjoyable coming-of-age tale, “Wayward” #1 delivers an enchanting adventure about two plucky teenage girls whose idea of fun is killing all kinds of monsters. This debut issue has a wicked sense of humor and holds a lot of promise for the ongoing series.



ART BY: Steve Cummings

PUBLISHER: Image Comics

PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: August 27, 2014

Reviewed by Jorge Solis

At the end of the world, Rori Lan has traveled across from the states to Japan to discover a brand new life for herself.  After stepping foot in her new home, Rori’s mother wants her to learn the new language and make new friends. The adorable immigrant realizes there  is something wrong with her eyes. She starts to see things that are not even there. There are dark and evil monsters, hiding in the shadows, waiting to strike at her.

Writer Jim Zub dives into Rori’s perspective, presenting the awe and wonder of Japan. This isn’t about a foreigner who steps into a strange land. The narrative focuses on how Rori wants to learn her new settings and adapt to the culture. She earnestly wants to fit into her new home, even though there is a dark side to it.

What makes Rori different is how her eyes can foreshadow certain events. Because the story is told through our female protagonist, we see how her eyes can focus like a radar, streamlining one absolute route for her. Our secondary character, Ayane, is still a mystery as the issue leaves certain clues about her.

Artist Steve Cummings has done a great job bringing the world of Japan alive. There is so much detail added to the interiors, such as the furniture and clock in Rori’s bedroom. When Rori walks the streets, notice the graffiti on the walls and the tall buildings in the background. The illustrations do a great job making you feel like you’re there in Japan.  You can tell a lot of references and research was done in this aspect.

The color scheme by Zub and John Rauch well definitely hook your eyes to the page. Rori’s poppy red hair stands out  in the crowded airport. Even her purple and green outfit later on is vibrantly loud as the world around her is in silhouette.

“Wayward” #1 delivers a fun premise with a quirky protagonist.  The first issue delivers a lot of promise, let’s hope the creators continue with that in the second installment.


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