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‘Prometheus’ Sequel Promises An Even More Dangerous David…



Ridley Scott’s Prometheus concluded with Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) heading off into deep space to find the Engineers’ home planet, and make them answer for what they planned to do to the human race (destroy it).

But she wasn’t going alone, bringing along the android David’s head (played by Michael Fassbender).

In an interview with MTV, Scott reveals character plans for the sequel, which is currently in the scripting process.

“You have to. You can’t have a person go off into the galaxy and have a person who’s still got his head off. Once that head goes back on, he’s really dangerous, but he’s also very seductive. So maybe he’ll persuade her to help him put the head back.”

It’s sort of fun knowing the danger of David’s presence is going to grow – and you wonder how that will factor into the head-to-head collision between Shaw and the Engineers.

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