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‘Alien: Isolation’ Gets Nightmare, Novice Difficulty Modes



It’s no secret that Alien: Isolation can be an especially brutal game. Like its titular antagonist, it’s merciless, unforgiving and often terrifying. As difficult as the game can be, some folks are really good at it. Where I flee in terror at the sight of that big, black bastard, there are people out there who don’t scream and run away when it comes stomping around the corner.

For these gamers, there’s a new Nightmare difficulty mode that effectively breaks the motion tracker, removes all maps, makes the enemies even more capable than they were previously and further limits the Sevastapol’s already extremely limited supply of resources.

Yeah, have fun with that.

Meanwhile, I’ll be playing the new Novice difficulty, because I’m a big baby. Both modes are available now as a free update.


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