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10 Horror Sequels I’d Like to See in 2015!



We’ve only just begun our descent into the new year and I’m already excited for it. If time were a roller coaster, this would be the bit that comes right after that incredibly slow climb to the top of a hill where the coaster has started its horrifying plunge back to Earth. Depending on who you are, that sudden drop can be the best part, or it can be the worst.

It’s a good thing that’s where the similarities between beginning a new year and riding a roller coaster end. I don’t imagine many of us will be literally losing our heads this year, but I can see a few of us losing them in the figurative sense should this list come true.

Now, before we get into my list of 10 Horror Game Sequels I’d Like to See in 2015, it’s worth mentioning that I don’t expect most of these games to release in 2015. With a few exceptions that I’ll be sure to point out when we get to them, if a game is on this list, that means I’d like to hear from it. That could be a trailer, some new info, a release window, whatever.

All right, let’s go!

Alan Wake 2


I feel like there’s a very good chance that we’ll eventually see a sequel to Alan Wake, which, if you have yet to play it, is easily one of the last generation’s greatest and most underrated video games. It’s a great game with a fervent fan base and a developer that seems very interested in giving the game’s eponymous writer another go.

Established developers have struggled with crowdfunding their games, even if that project is a sequel to a universally beloved survival horror game.

If we hear from Mr. Wake this year, it’ll likely come in the form of another tease.

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