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Looking Ahead to the Horror Games of 2015

The last handful of years haven’t treated some of gaming’s greatest horror franchises very well. Resident Evil lost its way a few times, Left 4 Dead 3 has been MIA, Dead Space and Alan Wake were put on hiatus — soon to be joined by F.E.A.R. — and until recently, Silent Hill was largely assumed dead. Looking at all that, you would think horror was fading into obscurity again.

Thankfully, that’s not the case.

Indie horror is healthier than ever, bolstered by several high profile releases like The Forest, Slender: The Arrival and Outlast as well as a number of upcoming games that are all worth getting excited about. We’ve begin to see this renewed interest affect AAA horror, starting with the imminent arrivals of Alien: Isolation and The Evil Within next month. That’s just the beginning. We have a veritable horde coming next year.

If my guide to the remaining horror games of 2014 left you wanting, this (working) list of releases the genre has in store for us in 2015 should remedy that.



If you don’t mind being broken down over and over again by a game with a thoroughly unforgiving nature that goes a long way in making the occasional victory all the sweeter. Bloodborne promises to be as challenging as the Dark Souls series that inspired it, only now that winning formula has been injected with a dose of horror.

Release Date: February 6, 2015

Call of Cthulhu


This past January, Magrunner: Dark Pulse developer Frogwares revealed their plan to make a new Call of Cthulhu. Since then, the game has kept unusually quiet. After the cancellation of the two sequels that were planned to follow Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth and the state of limbo that Guillermo Del Toro’s InSane has found itself in, I’m wondering if there isn’t some sort of curse that’s been put on any developer that tries to create a game based on or inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

Release Date: TBA 2015



PC gamers have been able to experience the wonders of getting robbed by strangers at gunpoint over cans of beans for what feels like ages. Soon, PS4 owners will have the opportunity to experience that same joy.

Release Date: TBA 2015



Trying to take a bite out of that juicy DayZ pie is H1Z1. It’s more or less the same game, so if you like trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic wilderness where your fellow man is infinitely scarier than the walking dead, there’s a solid chance this game won’t disappoint.

Release Date: January 15, 2015 (Steam Early Access)

Dead Island 2


With Spec Ops: The Line developer Yager taking the reigns, I have faith they’ll be able to elevate this troubled series. Between its renewed focus on humor, over-the-top action and vibrant environments, Dead Island 2 is already doing a lot right.

Release Date: Spring 2015



After several delays, Doom is coming. We might not have seen it yet, but there’s plenty of folks who have. If id Software’s refusal to place it under the scrutinizing eye of the Internet is any indication of its quality, this may end up being a 2016 release.

Release Date: TBA 2015



The day before Halloween, indie developer Red Thread Games decided to give us something scary to look forward to with Draugen, a survival horror game that feels like Gone Home meets Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It’s set on the Norwegian west coast, so you can be sure it’s going to look ridiculously good.

Release Date: TBA 2015

Dying Light


With Dead Island 2 in the hands of a new developer, Techland was left with some free time and a love for the undead. Rather than try something entirely new, the team is working on improving the foundation they created with the first Dead Island. The result is an incredibly ambitious game with a multiplayer that’s been seamlessly woven into the experience.

And parkour. Lots of parkour.

Release Date: January 27, 2015

The Evil Within: The Assignment


The Assignment, the first of three planned expansions for The Evil Within, will follow Sebastian’s partner, Juli “The Kid” Kidman. We don’t know much else about it yet, but I imagine there will be lots of blood, barbed wire and nightmarish creatures — including The Keeper, which has been confirmed for this DLC and the expansion that’s slated to follow it — for us to flee from.

Release Date: Early 2015

Fatal Frame V: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden


This game bums me out. Part of me takes solace in knowing this beloved survival horror franchise isn’t being entirely neglected, but most of me is too busy being frustrated to notice. If ever there was a time to release a quality horror game like this to the world — not just Japan — it’s now. The only reason this game is on this list is because I hope Nintendo just hasn’t gotten around to mentioning an international release yet.

Release Date: September 27, 2014 (Japan) / Possible 2015 release elsewhere



Originally announced as a last-gen console release, Techland gave us a substantial reason to be pumped for Hellraid when they confirmed it had been delayed to give them time to rebuild the game in a new engine for current-gen consoles. The new-and-improved Hellraid brings together the combat of Skyrim with the brutality of Dead Island, complete with a dark fantasy setting and tons of hellish monsters to battle.

Release Date: TBA 2015

Killing Floor 2


Tripwire Interactive hasn’t mentioned an ETA for the sequel to their hit cooperative horror game Killing Floor. When I saw it in action last month, it looked like the game was pretty far along. The mechanics are in and the gore is top notch, but multiplayer games require a lot of tweaking to get the balance right, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Killing Floor 2 arrives early next year.

Release Date: TBA 2015



Kodoku looks like a series of nightmares that were induced by a particularly bad acid trip. I have no idea what’s going on, but I like it.

Release Date: TBA 2015

Let it Die


Despite being a fan of Suda 51’s wacky work and the worlds he’s created, I haven’t seen enough to get me enthusiastic about Let it Die. It could be a twisted ride that showers us with the blood spilled from our mostly naked enemies, or it could be shallow and use its copious amount of violence as a gimmick. We’ll have to wait and see!

Release Date: TBA 2015

Resident Evil


I have two theories to explain why Capcom is re-releasing the Resident Evil remake. I’ve already gone into great detail on the first theory, but I haven’t even mentioned the other. My second theory revolves around the idea that Capcom is fully aware of our desire for a Resident Evil 2 remake, which they’ll get around to doing, but not before they every other Resident Evil first.

Release Date: January 20, 2015

Resident Evil Revelations 2


Not long after Capcom announced they’d be remastering the GameCube remake, they also revealed a sequel to Revelations. Their decision to build on a spin-off that’s widely considered to be one of the best Resident Evil games of the last decade. We know it will be delivered episodically, feature offline co-op, is set on a prison island and stars Claire Redfield and Moira Burton — Barry Burton’s daughter.

Release Date: Starting February 17 (full schedule here)



Last October, Amnesia developer Frictional Games started teasing their next project, the freaky looking horror game SOMA. Here we are a year later and the game is significantly less mysterious than it was back then. Even still, I can’t help but wonder if we’ve only scratched the surface. SOMA looks like a mystery wrapped in an enigma that’s been slathered in gore, modified corpses and face-eating robots.

Release Date: Early 2015

State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition


State of Decay is one of the better zombie-themed video games we’ve been gifted with lately, and it’s undead hordes are slated to shamble onto the Xbox One in the near future. Other than the still glaring lack of co-op, what’s not to love about that?

Release Date: Early 2015

The Order: 1886


The Order: 1886 is set in Victorian era London and follows an ancient order of soldiers with steampunk weapons and gadgets, and their ongoing war with human “half-breeds”, or werewolves. If that doesn’t have you sufficiently excited, I don’t know what will.

Release Date: February 20, 2015

Human Element


Earlier this month we were treated to our very first look at the post-apocalyptic zombie survival game, Human Element. Much like The Walking Dead, the zombies aren’t the real threat — it’s your fellow man you should be worried about.

Release Date: November 2015

Until Dawn


After going silent for a while, Sony re-revealed developer Supermassive Games’ teen slasher Until Dawn. It’s been improved in every way possible, including a complete reworking of the original script to make it exponentially more terrifying. This game has a lot of promise, and if it’s successful, it could pave the way for more games like it.

Release Date: TBA 2015

Outlast 2


Back in October, developer Red Barrels confirmed a sequel to Outlast, their popular first person horror game set in the Mount Massive asylum. If it’s anywhere near as scary as its predecessors, we’ll all need to stock up on Depends.

Release Date: TBA 2015

Remember, this is a working list. 2015 is still a ways off and the unpredictable and always-changing nature of video games means a lot of the above will change, probably more than once, in the coming months. If I missed something, feel free to let me know in the comments.




  • Jeden

    Bloodborne looks so freaking awesome. But I must admit that the thought of unforgiving gameplay makes me hesitate.
    I’ve never played Darksouls for one reason… And that’s the unforgiving nature of the series.
    But I have to have Bloodborne. It just looks too good!!!

    • ThunderDragoon

      That’s exactly how I feel. I just think that I’ll spend more time being frustrated rather than having fun. I’ll probably wait until the reviews come around to see if I’ll for sure get it or not.

    • GothicGuido

      It’s like gang initiation. The starting phase sucks. You get thrown around, you feel like human garbage but man oh man, once you’re in, YOU’RE IN! Or it’s like learning an instrument or riding a bike … or butt sex.

  • manonthemoon

    You use the words “like Gone Home” as if that’s a good thing.

    • That’s because it is, at least for me. Gone Home is fantastic.

      • Brodequin

        Is funfuckingtastic!!!

  • ThunderDragoon

    So much good stuff!

  • Taboo

    I didn’t know there was a Lovecraft based game coming out, that’s pretty cool. Hopefully it’s good.

  • Trisha Tachanawa

    Looking forward to Until Dawn and Dying Light the most. Here’s hoping Until Dawn is a success.

  • Dying Light for the win! I hope is not as buggy as Dead Island! Also, Call of Cthulhu needs to happen now!

    And I totally want the whole Hellraid! Medieval horror is a must!

    • Wojo’sCure4Humanity

      You sir are absolutely correct. Can’t wait for both those games. Only one month till Dying Light!

  • ragethorn

    I can’t even wait for Slender the Arrival tomorrow on consoles. Really enjoyed that game on PC.

  • John Palermo

    Wow, lots to look forward to.

  • Phendranah

    Super keen for next year 🙂 Gonna have to get a PS4 me thinks. Bloodborne and Until Dawn look great!

  • Cheshire TrollCat

    Update this for Outlast!

  • Brodequin

    Sweet… More blood, more guts, more flesh to explore. The beauty of suffering…

  • I wouldn’t really call Let it Die a horror game at all, it is a brawler game that just happens to be one of the most violent games in the fighting genre, it isn’t really a survival horror either, it is just a survival game, but besides that, quite a good list, hoping to hear about Call of Cthulhu myself

    • Brodequin

      Horror game doesn’t have to be survival horror, just like survival game doesn’t have to be horror. But yes, i agree with you: Let it Die is not a horror game, it’s violent slasher, blood and gore fest. And i’m waiting for new Call of Cthulhu too…

      • Indeed, you are completely right on that, a good example of a survival game which isn’t a horror game is Rust…but anyways, I actually had forgotten about Call of Cthulhu….I’ll have to do some more research because I only talked about that game once and forgot about it….

    • LoveAnimation

      Many of the games on the list does not seem like horror games to me.

      • They actually are, maybe not Outlast-like horror, but they do fall into the horror genre, besides the already discussed Let it Die…I might argue The Order: 1886 is just a third-person shooter, but I’ve seen different people categorizing as some sort of horror game

        • LoveAnimation

          I dont know that much of about most of these games but from the stuff i have seen they seem more to be action games with monster in them.
          Hope im wrong.

          • Brodequin

            No, that’s true. Most of “horror games” nowdays are… horror themed only… I’m weepy… I WANT SIREN BAAAAACK!!!!!

          • LoveAnimation

            Same here i love the Siren games and they are some of my favorite horror games ever.
            I hate that the Siren series seems to be dead and gone.
            Same with the Fear series, Condemned, Dead Space and the Fatal Frame games dont seem to get released outside Japan anymore.
            Also really wish we could get new Resident Evil games that are like the old horror classics again.

          • Brodequin

            Love all games you mentioned here, except RE (because of what Capcom has done with it: instead of making new, decent one they are squeezing green juice by dozen times re-releasing same games, naming it with bullshit “Super Duper Hyper Ultimate HD etc etc”)…

  • Brodequin
  • ohitsmerenz

    Looking forward to Until Dawn and fucking Dying light!

  • Victor

    I’m really excited for DYING LIGHT, and Until dawn those 2 are high on my list!!Of course I’m getting my copy of the Resident Evil remake on PS4. To be honest tho The Order:1886 and BloodBorne look very promising, but i’m ready for the DLC for Evil Within.

  • What’s awesome is that some of these will be coming to the Vita. There’s also a few more that weren’t listed. Just think, you can turn the lights off while you’re taking a duke and you’ve got the perfect spot to take a shit when something scares you!

    • Whiskeyriver

      To this day, I’m still afraid of turning off the lights in the bathroom and taking a dump in the dark. We had a black out recently and I had to use the bathroom with one candle burning and with a heavy storm going on outside. I was the only one in the house at the time. It wasn’t fun at all.

  • deadpeasant

    Wow, I didn’t know about another Call of Cthulhu game but now I’m hyped as hell! I’ve played “Dark Corners of Earth” and I really liked it, although it scared me to death!

  • Taylor Bland

    Silent Hill should of got a mention. The obscure demo they put out was was insane.

    • H4ck3rGirl

      I couldn’t agree more!

  • Whiskeyriver

    Hell yeah, OUTLAST 2!!!! I hope the TBA 2015 doesn’t mean it’s coming out in October of 2015 but I’m betting that’s going to be the case.

    Soma and Draugen sounds like it is going to be a terrifying experience. Resident Evil remake needs an graphic engine overhaul instead of a re-hash of the Gamecube one. It needs to be a fully functional 3D environment and none of that silly 90’s pre-rendered graphics.

    • Orioncy

      I just made a list and OUTLAST 2 IS COMING SOON! 😀

  • deadboytk

    So no mention of Silent Hills? Really?

    • Ryan Lennon

      I upvoted twice! That’s gonna be the best horror game up with Amnesia and Silent Hill 2 and 1

    • Taylor Johnson

      Silent Hills isn’t going to be released until 2016. That’s definitely been confirmed.

      • deadboytk

        Ah. I swore it was late 2015. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Victor

    SILENT HILLS!!! But considering this game might get a 2016 release!

    • Orioncy

      No Silent Hill games this year! 🙁

      • Halloween_Vic

        Broke my heart man 🙁

        • Orioncy

          Sorry bruh </3

        • Orioncy

          I would try and comfort you by saying another game is coming …. but no game compares to silent hill! 🙁

          • Halloween_Vic

            Yea man, I hope they start working on a new one soon. It’s been too long and ”Silent Hills” looked so promising.

          • Orioncy

            No silent hill game has failed to scare me yet, that’s why I like them so much! They always bring something new! It’d be nice to have a NEW horror to record!

          • Halloween_Vic

            Yea man for the ps2 I used to play part 2 and 3 soo much. Wasn’t much of a fan of ”the room” but it had it’s moments. Shit I know Homecoming and Downpour get a lot of hate but let me tell you I enjoyed Homecoming and Downpour very much, bad ass fucking games.

          • Orioncy

            I played the room first actually before any other one…. I wasn’t a fan, then when I played other Silent Hill games I realised how amazing it was! I enjoyed them too actually, they weren’t like the old ones I hear people say but I found them enjoyable!

          • Halloween_Vic

            Right?? Like they still had the feel and vibe of what Silent Hill is. I don’t know why so many people hate on them. I liked Homecoming a little bit more then Downpour but man I still can’t get over the fact that Silent Hills was shelved.

  • Mihail Makedonskey

    NEW indie horror games 2015

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Did Friday the 13th get pushed back?

    • Orioncy

      Yes, it’s to be released this October I’m sure! I just made a list on it! 🙂

  • Jawad Satti

    i like these scary games

  • Juho Eemeli Piironen

    Spacerium coming in 2016 (the name may change)

  • Juho Eemeli Piironen

    Spacerium coming in 2016. (the name may change)

  • Enlike Bishile

    too much zombie games >.>

  • Orioncy

    Great list, I found another list very similar ! 🙂 Anyway,

    what does everyone think of DOOM and DEAD ISLAND 2 as a horror game? If you want to check it out, it’s here!

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