'Clock Tower' Spiritual Successor Gets a Live-Action Trailer - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Clock Tower’ Spiritual Successor Gets a Live-Action Trailer



I love that we live in a world where fans can make their own sequels to the games they love when the folks who own the name aren’t willing to. Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune did it with Mighty No. 9, and now the guy that brought us the Clock Tower series is doing the same with the upcoming survival horror game, NightCry (formerly known as Project Scissors).

NightCry is being directed by Clock Tower series creator Hifumi Kono, and the live-action teaser you can feast your eyes on below is the work of director Takashi Shimizu (Ju-On, The Grudge).

I suppose it’s also worth mentioning that Masahiro Ito is also working on this. This is the man who came up with the idea for Pyramid Head, so I can only imagine what he’ll come up with next.


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