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‘Purge’ Won’t Be a Prequel, and Frank Grillo Could Return



FRANK GRILLO as Leo in "The Purge: Anarchy." ©Universal Pictures.

One of the biggest surprises in The Purge: Anarchy was Frank Grillo’s performance, turning him into a genre name to reckon with. The movie was also really good, a complete 180 from the 2013 Purge.

As part of the lengthy interview with Collider, Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller talks about how much they loved his performance, and wouldn’t rule out his return.

“Listen, we loved working with him and we thought that he was so good in that role and, you know, if it works to have him back we would really be very excited about that,” he stated.

Rumors were also swirling that the third film, dated for release on July 1, 2016, would take place on the first ever day of the soon after annual event.

“I read that too about the first night of The Purge,” said Fuller. “We don’t know anything about that. I read that and I haven’t heard that so I’m not sure what that was. The material that we’re considering right now is not the first night of The Purge.”

What would you like to see in the third film?