R.I.P. Daniel von Bargen Dies At Age 64
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R.I.P. Daniel von Bargen Dies At Age 64



Very sad news today as it’s being reported that actor Daniel von Bargen has passed away at age 64 after battling a long illness. No other details of his death have been released yet.

Von Bargen was known to horror fans as Nix from Lord Of Illusions as well roles in The Faculty, Thinner, The X-Files, and The Silence Of The Lambs. He was also known for his roles in comedies such as Seinfeld and Supertroopers.

In 2012, von Bargen seriously injured himself after shooting himself in the temple in a suicide attempt. He was distraught that his diabetes required the amputation of two toes.

I’ve always enjoyed seeing von Bargen act, especially because Lord Of Illusions is one of my favorite horror films. This is a very sad day.

Rest in peace, Mr. von Bargen. I hope you have found solace and comfort.

Lord of Illusions (1995) Directed by Clive BarkerShown: Daniel von Bargen