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‘Alien: Isolation’ Dev is Hiring for Their Next Game



The makers of one of the greatest horror games of 2014 — Alien: Isolation — are hiring for their next project, a “multiplatform AAA blockbuster” that’s headed to the PS4 and Xbox One. This might not be a sequel to Isolation, but it might be. In a listing for an online/multiplayer programmer the studio confirms that this project isn’t another Total War game, so that’s something.

“We are seeking an talented programmer has thorough experience developing a range of online features,” the ad explains. “We are creating another multi-platform AAA blockbuster and the successful applicant will be part of a team which allows our game experience to be shared.”

The listing was spotted by Z-Giochi.com, and while I’m hesitant to get excited about the possibility of a follow-up to one of the scariest games in recent memory, I also really, really want that to be what this is. Come on, Sega. Give it to me.

Until I see those The Evil Within numbers, I’m going to assume that Alien: Isolation was one of, if not the most successful horror game of 2014. The game sold over a million units and shipped twice that. That level of success warrants a follow-up, I think.


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