The 'Aliens' Powerloader Is Adorable When Built With Legos
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The ‘Aliens’ Powerloader Is Adorable When Built With Legos



Next year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of James Cameron’s sci-fi/horror action masterpiece Aliens, the film that continued the legacy of Lt. Ellen Ripley. And to celebrate this upcoming event, artist Mark Nathan Willetts has designed a custom Lego Powerloader suit that also includes a cargo loader, both of which you can see in the video below.

Willetts designed this over the course of 3-months to present it to Lego Ideas as a hopeful new set. However, the set was, “…instantly rejected by Lego Ideas due to a related theme of violence.”

If you want specific instructions on how to build this yourself, you’re going to have to lend a helping (powerloader) hand. Willetts is asking for his YouTube channel to hit 10,000 subscribers, which is apparently the same number of votes it would’ve taken to on Lego Ideas to become a set. Once he hits that number, he’ll post instructions.

More photos of the Powerloader suit can be found here.

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