Top 10 Japanese Horror Films
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Top 10 Japanese Horror Films By Taffy + EP Premiere



Remember several years ago when remaking J-horror films was all the craze? It seemed that US audiences were fascinated by those films, although they were unwilling to read subtitles. It was a really cool period where genre fans, it seemed, were suddenly opened up to a new world that they hadn’t previously experienced, one with a view of horror that we hadn’t previously experienced or understood. I myself found several horror films that I still watch regularly, each of them still managing to send shivers up and down my spine.

However, it’s been several years since that part of the world has brought us horror that makes headlines. But what if we don’t need to look to the modern times and instead look to the past for some titles we’ve never heard of?

Enter Japanese shoegaze pop punk band Taffy who have brought BD a list of their Top 10 Japanese Horror Films, nearly all of which are ones that I’m willing to bet you’ve never heard of! A bit of warning, however: These trailers/clips/films are all in Japanese and most don’t have subtitles, so you’ll have to seek them out in some other way if you want to watch them.

We’re also exclusive premiering the band’s new EP Darkle, which comes out on May 4th! Head to the end to give it a listen as well as a chance to see their new video, find them on all social networks, and see their tour dates.

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