'Fury Road' Gets An 80's Trailer: See Before And After VFX
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‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Gets An 80’s Trailer: See Before And After VFX Shots



How about we give you not one but two bits of Mad Max: Fury Road goodness in one post!

The first piece is a really cool faux trailer created by PLAYBACK Collective that imagines what a Fury Road trailer would look like if it had come out in the 80’s. Featuring music by Power Glove, the trailer fully embraces that decade’s aesthetics, playing with color grading, screen degradation and, my personal favorite, the opening sizzle reels for Warner Bros. and Cannon.

The second piece we have are some fantastic VFX shots from FX Guide that show the before and after effects of working on the film. There’s a fully gallery below to show you just how clever they were with many of the pivotal moments from the film.

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