Transylvania Has An Underground Amusement Park
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Transylvania Has An Underground Amusement Park



The Transylvania region of Romania has a lot of history behind it, including being the birthplace of the fictional vampire king Dracula. But something that isn’t fictional about this area is that there is a large salt mine that began in the year 1075 and was used until 1932. Since 1992, that salt mine has been home to Salina Turda, a museum of sorts that is also a large tourist attraction, thanks in part to the fact that it houses an amusement park that is 120 meters (that’s nearly 400 feet) below the surface.

According to AWOL, to get to the park tourists must first, “…enter the park via an elevator built into centuries-old vertical shafts that used to transport miners… On the trip down, they can admire the eerie beauty of the mine itself – the shimmering, marbled texture of the cavern walls, stark lighting and futuristic design give the Salina Turda the space-age look of a colony built inside an asteroid.

The amusement park itself features a Ferris wheel, mini-golf, a carousel, and bowling. It’s also in the middle of an underground lake, which tourists can appreciate with small row boats.

For some reason, this seems absolutely like something that Dracula would have in his castle. He’s that charming, sophisticated guy who still appreciates such pleasantries. Having it underground simply means that he doesn’t have to worry about the sun bothering him at any point.

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