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Time to Return to ‘The Cabin in the Woods’!



The critically acclaimed 2012 meta horror film The Cabin in the Woods ended on a rather final note. For those who’ve seen it, you know that the events that transpired in the last few moments pretty much guaranteed that there wouldn’t be a sequel. And yet, Lionsgate has approached director Drew Goddard for precisely that.

Goddard himself is skeptical, telling Den of Geek, “The funny part is, I don’t think we planned that movie to do a sequel, you know?

However, he’s open to the idea. “But that being said, the fun thing about Cabin is, the rules are pretty crazy. We get away with a lot of crazy stuff,” he says. “So, I’m sure we could figure it out if we got inspired to. I know Joss and I both feel like we don’t want to tarnish what we did with the first one. With a sequel, we’d only do it if it made us laugh hard enough, I suppose.

It’ll be interesting to see how they address a new story in a way that won’t be completely transparent and obvious from the start. After all, if they do a prequel, it’s pretty much 99.9% certain that everyone will die because, well…they need to, per the rules laid out in the first film. They’d actually have to do a sequel in order for new ground to be broken. But if they went that route, I feel like they’d need an insane budget to create something truly grand and epic. If they can pull it off, I’d kill to see what happens after The Cabin in the Woods!

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