Rumor: 'Outlast 2' Reveal Coming Tomorrow - Bloody Disgusting
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Rumor: ‘Outlast 2’ Reveal Coming Tomorrow



Red Barrels may be getting ready to share some Outlast 2 news. We won’t know for certain until tomorrow, but a post on the game’s official Facebook page certainly looks like this mystery announcement will be related to the game we revealed exclusively last October.


The timing couldn’t be any better, and I know most of you are hungry to see more of this legitimately terrifying series. In 2013, Outlast ravaged the competition in our reader-picked FEAR Awards, taking home the awards for Best Gore, Best Indie Horror, Scariest Game and our Game of the Year. It set a high bar that its standalone expansion Outlast Whistleblower raised the following year, when it claimed the award for Best DLC.

If this is Outlast 2, fingers crossed they’ll have some actual footage for us. As fun as CGI trailers can be to look at, they’re not exactly accurate representations of what the game will look and play like. The recent Friday the 13th: The Game reveal is a fine example of how to get it right.


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