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Exclusive ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ Concept Art!



When the Kickstarter campaign for Friday the 13th: The Game ended last year with more than $823k raised by 12,218 backers, we were left with a murder of stretch goals that still desperately needed to get unlocked. The game has been slowly creeping toward those remaining stretch goals thanks to a separate Slasher Backer campaign that has raised an additional $57k — or enough to get us three more flavors of Jason.

Gun Media is turning to Lady Democracy with a poll that’s expected to go up this week so the community can determine which of Jason’s many looks will be making it into the game. While we wait for that to come true, here’s a little eye candy protein inspired by Part 7.

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

We’re about $45k away from a stretch goal that’ll unlock three counselor skins, with unique skill combinations for each, or $70k short of getting a trio of secret kills designed by legendary special make-up effects artist Tom Savini. But first…

Which three versions of Jason would you most like to see in Friday the 13th: The Game?