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Your Actions Have Consequences in ‘NightCry’



One year ago today, the Internet joined together to help exhume the long-dead survival horror series Clock Tower from the grave it had occupied for more than a decade by donating $314,771 to its spiritual successor Project Scissors: NightCry.

NightCry was such a success, in part, because of who’s collaborating on it. It would’ve been considerably more difficult, if not impossible, for it to join the slate of crowdfunded horror games we’re eagerly anticipating in the coming year had Clock Tower series creator Hifumi Kono and The Grudge director Takashi Shimizu not signed on to help make it happen.

The story will be seen from the perspective of three characters — Monica Flores, Leonard Cosgrove, and Rooney Simpson — and the decisions they make can, and will, have an impact on the other two. According to a recent update on the NightCry Kickstarter, “Even a seemingly insignificant action could save your friend’s lives, or drive them into a precarious situation.” NightCry is expected to arrive on PC later this year.



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