Pay What You Want for 'Outlast' in Latest Humble Bundle - Bloody Disgusting
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Pay What You Want for ‘Outlast’ in Latest Humble Bundle



It wasn’t until I was about three Humble Bundles deep that the shame produced by my neglected library of Steam games managed to overwhelm the warm and tingly feeling I’d get from buying games that helped charities. I decided to cut myself off until I had caught up on the massive catalogue of untouched video games I had hoarded over years of sales.

Strong-willed types such as yourself should definitely set aside some time over the next two weeks to have a look at the latest Humble Indie Bundle, where you’ll find a handful of fantastic indies that can be purchased on the cheap. Outlast, Retro City Rampage DX and Never Alone are available now at the nebulous “pay what you want” price, and they even come with a voucher for 80% off the spectacular Outlast: Whistleblower expansion.

Pay more than the average — as I write this it’s sitting at $6.07 — and you’ll unlock Trine 3 and Door Kickers, and for an additional $2.00 you’ll also get Else Heart.Break() and a second dose of spooky scary with the Lovecraftian roguelike Sunless Sea.

In related news, Outlast 2 is coming this fall. Here’s the reveal trailer, in case you missed it.


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