'Alien: Isolation' Dev Remakes 'Silent Hill' Elementary School in Unreal 4 - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Alien: Isolation’ Dev Remakes ‘Silent Hill’ Elementary School in Unreal 4



Until we know what’s going to happen with the troubled Silent Hill franchise, we’re going to have to live vicariously through fan recreations, such as this fantastic fan remake of the Midwich Elementary School by James Brady (via GameRant). Brady’s an environment artist at Alien: Isolation developer Creative Assembly who also recently started working on the sequel to No More Room in Hell. So he’s a horror fan. Not that you needed a peak at his resume to see that when this video says it all.

More, please.

According to Brady, every asset in the video was made by him in Unreal Engine 4. Maybe he can turn this into a pitch for a new Silent Hill, and get Creative Assembly to develop it. That’d be sweet, and it’s clear Konami isn’t going to do anything worthwhile with it.

I’d also be cool with a follow-up to Alien: Isolation.


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