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‘Dear Charlotte’ Reveal Trailer Seeks Answers



A few years back I wrote about Dear Charlotte, an indie horror game from Method to Madness Studio that was, at the time, still early enough in its development to only be represented by concept art. Still, it left a lasting impression on me, thanks in large part to some creative creature concepts designed by artist Austin Mengler, whose enormous talents I’ve featured here before.

After a lengthy silence, I assumed it had gotten lost in the inky abyss of development limbo, joining too many other promising horror games that are never given the chance to see the light of day. It’s a very good thing that that was not the case with Dear Charlotte, where a little illumination isn’t always a comfort thanks to its candle-headed antagonist.

Dear Charlotte is an episodic PC game now — maybe it always was, it’s been so long — that blends psychological terror with an unnerving mystery for players to unravel. At the core of that mystery is an unnamed protagonist and a gravel-voiced mad scientist type that absolutely cannot be trusted when an outbreak claims most of the living occupants of the Quantic Medical Research Facility.


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