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‘Dead by Daylight’ Goes to the Farm in New Update



Hey, you chicken. That’s right, I said it. You’re a little baby chicken, quivering in your wee chicken boots when one of those masked psychos is nearby looking for fresh meat. Don’t have a cow, I’m not here to hurl insults at cowardly chickens. I’m here to tell you about some recent changes to Behaviour Digital’s extremely popular asymmetrical multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight, including its new Coldwind Farm map that first inspired my aggro-cultural abuse.

One more map isn’t the only feature that was added to the spooky stab ’em up in the latest update — it also introduced an array of technical improvements, Russian and Chinese language support, gestures and one new set of customization items for each of the game’s four playable survivors.

Dead by Daylight is out now on Steam. Full patch notes below.

1.0.4 – Patch Notes

Additional Survivor Customization Items (one set per Survivor)
Survivor Gestures (1 & 2 on Keyboard, D-Pad Up & D-Pad Down on Controller)
Russian & Chinese Localization
New Coldwind Farm Map (Fractured Cowshed)
Increased support for catching players tampering with game files

Level design & art adjustments to reduce infinite window loops
Added dynamic spawning of window blockers
Removed the possibility to place bear traps really close to each other

Fixed escaping the level while caught in a bear trap
Fixed hatch noise being audible even if the hatch is invisible
Fixed locker interior being visible in the distance
Fixed locker blocking placement of bear traps
Fixed issues with objects appearing too clearly through fog and in low-end
Fixed issue with chainsaw add-ons making it impossible to fully heal a survivor
Fixed some cases of survivor using killer customization parts in private lobby
Fixed returning to lobby from a private match causing an infinite load for Host
Fixed countdown in private lobby if a party member leaves while readied-up
Fixed some cases where bear traps could be farmed for points by survivors
Fixed cases where leaving an active match wouldn’t get disconnect penalty
Fixed scoring event localization
Fixed hatch appearance frequency on certain maps
Fixed black nodes appearing on the blood web


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