'System Shock' Kickstarter Ends With $1.35M - Bloody Disgusting
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‘System Shock’ Kickstarter Ends With $1.35M



Night Dive Studios has wrapped up its tremendously successful crowdfunding campaign, which the developer launched on Kickstarter in order to fund a remake of the 1994 survival horror game System Shock. I’m fairly certain that SHODAN isn’t capable of experiencing or understanding the spectrum of human emotion, and that’s too bad, because this bit of news could’ve introduced her to some of the better ones. That’s alright, this is an achievement for humanity.

The $1,350,700 that was raised in the first round — there will be another, and I hope they call it the Hacker Backer campaign — was enough to unlock the campaign’s first three stretch goals, unlocking support for Mac, Linux and Razer Chroma, as well as French, Italian, German, and Spanish language support. We can also look forward to additional locations, new crew members, and an expanded narrative.

With this, Night Dive Studios has successfully reignited our interest in the decades-old System Shock series, and that’s obviously going to be hugely beneficial for the remake when it arrives in late 2017. It’s also equally fantastic for System Shock 3, which is currently being developed by OtherSide Entertainment.

And here’s a message from the digital goddess herself:

Is anyone else suddenly worried we done goof’d?


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