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Step Inside ‘Asylum’ With This Interactive Image



The wait for the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired point-and-click survival horror game Asylum has been a long one. Longer than we, or even the talented developers at Senscape, initially anticipated when the game successfully raised nearly $120k on Kickstarter more than three years ago. We still don’t know when the Hanwell Mental Institute will have its grand opening, but until I hear otherwise, I’m going to continue expecting my invitation to arrive before the New Year.

Senscape seems very aware of the almost palpable levels of anticipation for this promising love letter to the ghosts of horror gaming’s past. In a recent update inspired by the makers of Doorways, the studio shared an interactive 360° panoramic window into the first of Hanwell’s 100+ rooms.

As far as I know, this image only works on the Asylum Facebook page — so all you have to do is click on the post below to begin your tour.

Asylum is slated for a release later this year on PC, Mac and Linux.


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