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Pinhead Gets a Crazy Cool Living Dead Dolls Variant



Many horror icons have been immortalized by Mezco as Living Dead Dolls over the years, and Pinhead recently joined fellow villains like Jason, Freddy, and even Trick ‘r Treat‘s Sam. But if you already own the Pinhead Living Dead Doll, well, you may need to soon double dip.

Just announced by Mezco, this brand spankin’ new variant of the original Pinhead doll is an exclusive to the collectibles shop Entertainment Earth, and it’s limited to just 1,500 pieces. What makes this doll so special? Pinhead is this time around decked out in a completely blood red outfit, and his iconic Lament Configuration Box is also covered in crimson. Other accessories include a curved saw, a box saw, and a knife. In addition, blood-splattered chase variants of the new doll are being randomly shipped to buyers; you have a 5% chance of getting one.

No, Pinhead never actually wore red in the films, but he looks damn good in it!

The Patron Saint of Piercing is at it again! From the darkness of the underworld, comes the High Priest of Hell, dressed in crimson red… with eyes to match! Standing 10-inches tall, the Living Dead Dolls Hellraiser III Pinhead Doll arrives in a specialized die-cut window box based on the divine mathematics of Lemarchand and including the dangerous yet mysterious Lament Configuration.

From his grid-scarred head to his multitude of piercings, the leader of the Cenobites receives careful attention to detail, capturing each exquisite feature of the horror icon. Pinhead’s vestments embody the repulsive glamour of the iconic films, and the flayed portions of his flesh bear witness to his suffering. His sacred instruments – like hooks and blades – dangle from his holy (or is that UNholy?) robes as he prepares to open the portal to another realm. Free him if you dare!

Head over to Entertainment Earth to pre-order the doll and expect it in December.