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Did You Spot These Iconic Horror Movie Houses in ‘Krampus’?



Last year’s Krampus is LOADED with Easter eggs.

As we showed you last week, there’s a deleted scene in Krampus that directly connects the film’s universe to Trick ‘r Treat, which was also written/directed by Michael Dougherty. Discovering that little gem put a huge smile on my face, and thanks to Dougherty’s commentary track for the Krampus DVD/Blu-ray, I realized that it’s far from the only little homage in the holiday flick.

Dougherty notes in the track that there are a couple more Trick ‘r Treat references and even some subliminal images in Krampus, and he also makes mention of the fact that several iconic movie houses pop up in the film. Most of Krampus was shot on a sound stage with many of the exteriors digitally created by WETA Digital, so the team was free to literally create their own world.

Dougherty explains:

Since we had to build a lot of our neighborhood digitally, there are a lot of famous movie houses in some of the shots. So if you’re eagle-eyed and feel like going through and hitting pause…

Max and his family, for example, live right next to the Amityville Horror house!


In an overhead shot of the town, you can clearly see the iconic house with the creepy windows right next to Max’s house, and if you look closely at that shot, you’ll notice more movie houses scattered throughout. Though I personally wasn’t able to spot them, Dougherty told me that the Ferris Bueller house is in there, and apparently so too is the Myers house from Halloween.

As you may have heard last year, Dougherty also paid tribute to Psycho in the final scene of Krampus. When the camera pans out and shows all the snow globes in Krampus’ lair, one of them contains the infamous Bates Motel. I guess you could say Krampus is keeping an eye on Norman.

Keep YOUR eyes peeled next time you watch Krampus!