Alexander Skarsgard and Others Join 'Green Room' Director's Netflix Movie 'Hold the Dark' - Bloody Disgusting
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Alexander Skarsgard and Others Join ‘Green Room’ Director’s Netflix Movie ‘Hold the Dark’



Netflix is clearly run by people who both know what they’re doing and know what other people want, so when they scooped up Green Room director Jeremy Saulnier to direct an original thriller, well, it came as no surprise. They’re all about grabbing the top indie talents and allowing them to be the masters that they are, and goddamn do we love them for that.

Saulnier’s next is the Netflix film Hold the Dark, and The Wrap reports that Alexander Skarsgard (“True Blood”), Jeffrey Wright (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay), James Badge Dale (World War Z), Riley Keough (Mad Max: Fury Road) and James Bloor (Leatherface) have joined the cast of the Macon Blair-penned film; it’s an adaptation of William Giraldi’s bestselling novel.

Hold the Dark takes place in Alaska, where nature writer Russell Core is summoned to track a pack of wolves that are suspected of killing three children. He is hired by the parents of a six-year-old boy believed to have been killed by the wolves. After the mother disappears, the boy’s father returns from the Iraq War intent on wreaking havoc.

Wright will play a biologist; Badge Dale plays a detective; Skarsgard plays the father and Keough will play the mother; Bloor’s character is described as a creepy drifter.

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