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Tim Curry Confirmed for Upcoming Doc ‘Pennywise: The Story of It’



From Dead Mouse Productions, producers of You’re So Cool, Brewster! The Story of Fright Night, and John Campopiano, director of Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary, comes the ultimate documentary for the 1990 miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s IT.

Back in December of last year, we exclusively broke the news about Pennywise: The Story of It, a fan-made doc that will delve deep into the 1990 miniseries that made an entire generation terrified of clowns. Today we’re excited to report that not only has production begun, but a piece of teaser art has been revealed. Oh and more importantly, Tim Curry has been confirmed!

Yes, Curry will talk all things Pennywise in the doc, which is hugely exciting given how seldom he has been interviewed about the miniseries over the years. As you probably noticed, the various home video releases of the adaptation have been seriously lacking in the form of special features; needless to say, a feature length doc featuring Curry is just what we’ve been craving.

Campopiano told us last year:

As a super fan of Stephen King’s IT for as long as I can remember, it’s been my dream to tell the story of the making of the movie and to unpack why Tim Curry’s portrayal of Pennywise the Clown has resonated so deeply with so many people for the last two and a half decadesAs with any documentary of this kind, the gold really lies within the people and places responsible for bringing a film to life: cast, crew, and the film’s locations. Going a step further, it would be impossible to examine IT and Pennywise without also looking at the phenomena of coulrophobia, i.e., fear of clowns. 

The passionate team has already uncovered a wealth of never-before-seen photos from the production of the miniseries that they can’t wait to show off. And we can’t wait to see them.

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