Tease from Creator Hints at Blumhouse Making 'Five Nights at Freddy's' Movie - Bloody Disgusting
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Tease from Creator Hints at Blumhouse Making ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ Movie



Ever since the game burst onto the scene and started terrifying players back in 2014, it seemed a sure thing that a Five Nights at Freddy’s movie wasn’t far behind. The hugely popular game, which has to date spawned a handful of follow-ups and even a series of novels, was acquired for a film adaptation by Warner Bros. back in 2015, but we haven’t heard a peep since then.

So what’s the latest on that project? Well, Five Nights at Freddy’s creator Scott Cawthon just posted a very interesting tweet that strongly suggests the film is coming soon…

It’s important to note that this is the first tweet Cawthon has EVER posted, so it undoubtedly means something. What does it mean? Well, we’ve heard that Warner Bros. is no longer making the movie and that Blumhouse has been one of several companies very interested in acquiring the rights. That info paired with Cawthon’s tweet tells us that Blumhouse has come aboard.

At this time, we can’t with 100% certainty say that the deal has been sealed, but we’d be very surprised if Cawthon tweeted this before it was official. We’ll report more as we learn it.

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