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Two New Versions of Reebok’s ‘Aliens’ Stompers Coming Soon!



Even Ripley never had shoes THIS badass.

Easily the coolest thing about last year’s first annual Alien Day was the release of Reebok’s “Alien Stompers,” exact replicas of the futuristic shoes that Reebok specially made back in 1986 for Sigourney Weaver to wear in Aliens. The limited edition shoes infamously sold out instantly, meaning that most fans (including myself) weren’t able to actually get their hands on them.

They were also released in men’s sizes only, which was not cool at all.

If you, like me, weren’t able to get your hands on the “Alien Stompers” last year, then you’ll be happy to learn that Reebok is releasing a special “Final Battle” pack this summer that will include two brand new variant pairs of the classic red and white shoes. The shoes, which will release in unisex sizing, are inspired by the epic final battle sequence in James Cameron’s sequel.

One pair is inspired by the Queen Xenomorph, and the other by the Powerloader cargo suit!

You’ll be able to grab the pack for $325 on July 18th. Check out the insanely cool shoes below.