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‘The Temple’ Trailer Delivers New J-horror Chills



Even after Rings, J-horror isn’t quite dead yet.

Red Sea Media is heading to the Cannes market with The Temple, directed by Michael Barrett, and starring Logan Huffman, Brandon Tyler Sklenar, and Natalia Warner.

In the film:

“A group of young Americans ventures off to find a forbidden mountain temple in Northern Japan. Only to discover the horrors that lurk within.”

We now have a look at The Temple‘s trailer that looks super fun, especially utilizing the fish out fo water aspect of the cast. It’s got a J-horror vibe but looks super polished thanks to cinematographer Cory Geryak.

Producers include The Ring‘s Neal Edelstein, with Mike Macari, Eric Bassett and Shinya Egawa.

This shouldn’t be confused with the other film titled The Temple, directed by actor and director Scott Spiegel, known for Evil Dead II (1987), From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (1999) and Intruder (1989), as well as the third Hostel.

That film stars musician Andy Summers, formerly of the band The Police, with the full cast including Ian Buchanan (Panic Room), Emrhys Cooper (Person of Interest) and Keith Jefferson (The Hateful Eight). Other thesps included Charlotte Price (Wild in Blue, The Sex Trip) and Bhutanese actress Kinley Pelden.

This film, which is also completed for the market, tells the story of a hardened policewoman who is sent to investigate a temple robbery in the remote Himalayas where she is confronted by wary villagers and snooping American TV crew. Horrific murders mount, flaring rumors of the fearsome guardian goddess demanding the return of the stolen precious DZI beads.