'Alien: Covenant' Has 6 Minutes of Gore and Monsters Removed for China - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Alien: Covenant’ Has 6 Minutes of Gore and Monsters Removed for China



If you felt there just wasn’t enough Xenomorph action in Alien: Covenant, just be happy you didn’t see it in China. Ridley Scott’s latest Alien prequel is opening in Chinese theaters on June 16th, but early previews have already proven to be disastrous.

Fans who attended are reporting that a whopping SIX MINUTES have been excised from the film for its China release, and the heavily censored edit has been described as a complete and total “castration.” As reported by The Beijinger, the Chinese version of Alien: Covenant has virtually no gore and little to no monster action.

The site explains…

One viewer who attended an advance screening called the censored version “extremely frustrating” to watch, estimating that the film’s monsters are only shown on screen for a total of “one to two minutes.”

Calling himself “Angel Will Drive,” the poster said the “distinct” cuts are most noticeable in two scenes in the film’s second half, explaining that all gory images of aliens covered in blood have been removed as have scenes in which humans are attacked.

One scene from Alien: Covenant that involves a “broken back” has been changed so that “in the China version you can only see the scared expressions of the people outside the door.”

Other fans who attended early screenings in China have described the changes as being so “abrupt” and “profound” that they completely “ruin the rhythm of the film.”


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